About Sandra


I’m Sandra Bludau, the founder and photographer behind the Twelfth Element. My passion is helping extraordinary girls show the world who they are during this time, when one chapter is closing and the new one is just beginning. I spent 8 years in my first career out of college, professionally coaching young adults for a large indoor tanning company. Before then, I was a girl much like my employees, trying to navigate life and find my own place in the world. I found my place caring for, loving, and encouraging people to be simply amazing. My love of photography began when I was a teen. I had a unflattering and humorous senior portrait experience myself that sent me on a quest of self-teaching and unconventional education, determined to helping people record the beauty of their lives. In 2011, I started my own photography business. Through the Twelfth Element, I help girls celebrate their high school senior year by offering a captivating photography experience that helps tell their story, one photo at a time.

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