5 ways to make the most out of your dorm room

During college, I invested most of my small budget towards bedding.  Having a comfy bed waiting for me at the end of each night, was essential for a cozy home away from home.

I splurged on the highest thread count sheets that I could afford, and a duvet set to get lost in, so I could drift off into sweet slumber.  After a long night at the library, I couldn’t wait to return to my little haven in the corner, and I didn’t even care that it was my only piece of furniture.

I used to think that my minimalist tendencies were stemmed from not having much growing up, but it turns out that I have always been a minimalist at heart.   However, I do believe that not having access to certain luxuries opened my eyes to what was really important to me.  I learned to value the things I had, and grew to be grateful for the things that I earned.  That bed was worth every single penny!   

Whether, you are already settled into your dorm, or beginning to brainstorm ideas on Pinterest for next year, you can gain comfort in surrounding yourself with the things that will enhance your college living experience.

Here are five ideas to help you make the most of your humble abode:

1.  Invest in premium bedding and add plant life to make your dorm room feel more like home.   Parachute Home has the highest quality sheets around, are available at an accessible price, and they come in Twin XL, the length of most dorm room beds.  I love their Venice Sets, which include everything you’ll need to feel like a modern day princess.  Wake up refreshed with a happy succulent by your side to start your day feeling rejuvenated.


Photo source – Left:  www.soulcalchels.com / Right:  www.parachutehome.com

2.  Cozy up with throws and socks for late night studying.  Curling up in your corner with a blanket can get you into the studying mindset.  These warm and textured elements will also make you feel snug as a bug while you catch a break from school work.  Cozy knits also come in handy while you watch your Netflix favorites, or for those late night talks with your roomie.


Photo source – Left: Photo  www.uggaustralia.com / Right:  www.freepeople.com

3.  Surround yourself with clean and meaningful inspiration.  Hanging simple, but meaningful wall art can serve as a reminder of what matters most to you.  Add your own special touch to your inspiration wall with personalized photos of friends and family members.

4.  Choose stylish and practical decor.  With little room to spare, you can maximize your space with decor that serves a practical purpose and delights at the same time.  A few of my favorites are:  The wood customized calendars from Artifact Uprising and the Triangle Mirrors from Urban Outfitters.


Photo source – Left:  www.artifactuprising.com / Right:  www.urbanoutfitters.com

5.  Jazz up your desktop with a touch of metallic.  Adding some metallic, such as gold accents can add style and luminance to any room.


Photo source – Left: www.urbanoutfitters.com / Top Right: www.wearfrends.com / Bottom Right: www.anthropologie.com

College living doesn’t come with a whole lot of personal space, but you can make the most of what you are given, by choosing dorm room essentials that will create a better living experience.  So, give some thought to what matters most to you and create a space you’ll love!

Sending all my love,


P.S.  Do you know of a dorm room essential that I’ve missed?  Let me know your best tips for making a small space a cozy one in the comments below!




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